Being With

Being With is coming to Leeds! Explore the meaning of life with us on Mondays from 15 January to 18 March, 7 – 8.30pm at North Star Coffee Shop on Leeds Dock.

Being With is an opportunity to share stories about our lives and hear the stories of others. These stories are the small things that mean a lot to us, and they can also be the most challenging and life changing moments of our lives. Being With aims to create opportunities for us spend time being present and attentive to others who may be different to us and to the world around us. As we do this we can discover a way to be attentive to God and discover that God is present to us.

For more information about Being With, visit the website:

Sign up for the course on Eventbrite. The last date you can join the course is Monday 05 February.

Leeds Dock can be most easily accessed from Armouries Drive. If you’re walking from Leeds City Centre, Leeds Dock is approximately 12 minutes walk from Leeds Bus Station (directions can be found here) or a few minutes by bus (find a route here). If you would like to come but have questions about how easily accessible this venue is for you, please contact David for a conversation.

Additional information:

At Leeds Sanctuary, we value the mental and physical wellbeing of every individual. With this in mind, a Mental Health First Aider will be available for a conversation if any challenging topics arise during the session.

Like many organisations, we like to take photos and sometimes short videos so that we can showcase the work we’re doing in our various digital and print communications. If you would prefer not to be in any photos, please let us know by email or during the session, and we will ensure that you are not featured.