Climate craftivism

We are calling for the government to build back better and create a greener and fairer society. We are supporting the Climate Coalition’s #thetimeisnow campaign and encouraging you to do some climate craftivism and send a creative green heart to your MP.

This is to support the work of the lobby on 30th June. Craftivism offers a unique opportunity to use creativity to support an issue you are passionate about. Below is a list of possible asks you can make of your MP and some ideas of what you could create, although these are only to get you started so please let your creativity run with this.

Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective encourages each of us to take the time to reflect on the issue as we craft. So read through the asks and ideas below, watch some of the Climate Coalition’s fantastic videos or meet with friends virtually to discuss climate change and the future you want to see.

At LMM we love using craftivism as a way of making our collective voice heard. Craftivism was defined by Betty Greer, who first coined the term, as:

“A way at looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper and your quest for justice more infinite.”

If you need any more persuading or ideas here is a video we made about why we love craftivism:

Step 1: choose your asks

The Climate Coalition’s key asks for their lobby are:

  1. Unleash investment in climate and nature-friendly infrastructure, creating jobs and supporting millions out of the recession
  2. Put nature on the path to recovery at home and abroad 
  3. Support the most vulnerable abroad

In addition here are some Leeds specific asks from Our Future Leeds:

  1. Spend more on retro fitting housing in Leeds to be more environmentally friendly
  2. Make climate change a key priority as the council plan for the so called ‘new normal’
  3. Make Leeds a centre for excellence in new sustainable energy, innovation and tech.
  4. Ask for more green spaces in the city centre.

Choose one or two of these that you feel strongly about and put them in your letter to your MP which accompanies your craft.

If you aren’t Leeds based you can find your local Facebook group here.

Step 2: get creative

So now for the creative climate craftivism, we are encouraging you to use your creative spark (however limited you think that is) to create a green heart using what you have in your house.

If you have:

paper – make an origami heart

pencils or paints – paint or draw a green heart

wool and a crochet hook – make a crochet green heart

material, a needle and green thread – here is the cross stitch pattern I created for this

wool and knitting needles – make a knitted heart

Step 3: write to your MP

The wording of the letter that goes along with your green heart should be something like below:

Dear XXX,

I hope you enjoy the green heart I have enclosed. It is a reminder to you that many of your constituents, including myself, are passionate about the climate, as I know you are. Please keep the green heart and when you see it let it remind you to keep the climate at the top of your agenda as you plan for the future.

I am particularly passionate about… [insert 1 or 2 of the asks above]

Best wishes,

XXXX (Your constituent)

Step 4: share online and send

Take a photo of your crafty offering and share it online with the hashtag #thetimeisnow. Do tag @TheCCoalition and @LMMinthecity on twitter.

Now send the letter and the craft to your MP; find their address here:

If you live in or near Leeds and want more climate craftivism? Join our brand new Leeds Craftivist group.

Find more of our gentle activism on our blog.

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