Ethical fashion and craftivism

The Leeds Craftivism group are a creative bunch who meet every month and this year we are focusing on climate change in many different areas of our life.

In April we were talking about all things ethical fashion. Where to shop, where to recycle, how to mend clothing and how to avoid clothing going into landfill. We were joined by Gill Coupland of Zero Waste Leeds who told us about the Leeds Fashion Futures research project. They had found out that 4,000 tonnes of textiles end up in the black bin every year in Leeds which is hugely wasteful and clogs up the waste disposal machinary. She shared the zero waste fashion map of Leeds they created which show us all the textile bins, charity shops etc. to help each of us make better choices.

You can see her full talk here:

We are also encouraging groups and individuals across the city to create their own green hearts to send to people in power. Find more about the whole campaign here.

Image by Hannah Morgan from unsplash

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