Craftivism for policy change

The Leeds Craftivists group meet monthly on Zoom to be creative together and make change happen through their craft. In March it was all about policy change through the CEE Bill and we heard from MP Alex Sobel. Thank you for all who joined us at this event.

The CEE bill is a vital and groundbreaking bill currently going through parliament. Leeds MP Alex Sobel will be joining us as he has been key in getting the legislation as far as it has got but we all need to play our part in showing our support. So on 1st March join us to learn about the bill and take some encouraging and creative actions in support.

You can find out more about the bill on the CEE Bill Alliance website.

Craftivism instructions

You will need one of the below:

  • green card or paper and pens, paint or pencils to decorate, OR
  • green fabric and thread or fabric pens
  1. Draw around your foot onto the card, paper or fabric
  2. Cut it out
  3. Decorate it with images and/or words of things you love about the world that would be negatively impacted by climate change.
My amateur attempt…I hope you’re impresssed by the drawings haha!

Get others involved in the city wide campaign

Throughout 2021 we are encouraging individuals and community groups to make green hearts to encourage leaders across the city of Leeds ahead of COP26. If you want to know more about our city wide campaign you can find it here.

Image by Marcus Spiske on Unsplash

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