Power to the People: Street Art Workshop

Help us take the music into all areas of our city

Image by Federico Scarionati

We have been invited to be part of The Leeds Piano Trail and decorate a piano with a local artist on the theme of Power to the People!

Join us Wednesday 19th May, 6-8pm on Zoom for a workshop exploring this theme and feed your ideas into this exciting piece of street art.

The Leeds Piano Trail is bringing music back to every street corner this September as part of the 20th Leeds International Piano Competition.  

It is an imaginatively decorated series of pianos placed in urban spaces which are available for public to play and enjoy.  Leeds Citizens , supported by us and Leeds Church Institute, are one of the partnering community groups that are helping to bring the music out of the concert hall and into all areas of our community.

We had a really fruitful first event last week exploring ideas for growing stronger together for the piano transformation project. We considered “If you or your organisation was an animal, what would you be?”  There was a consensus on the evening and the animal chosen was an ant; always busy but part of a single community working to build something for all.

You don’t need to have been to the first workshop to join our next workshop on Wednesday 19th May, 6pm-8pm (Zoom). We will take these conversations and thoughts and begin to refine them into a single artistic piece, using the piano as a canvas (but please don’t think this means the piano must be painted) with amazing Leeds Artist Rosie Vohra’. 

Please do come along if you can to add your own views of Leeds and its people and see these views translated by our artist.

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