Flourishing, Leeds Sanctuary

Everyday Sacrament

Leeds Sanctuary are delighted to announce we are releasing a book! “Everyday Sacrament” is a collection of meditations and images written and curated by local artist, Shaeron Caton Rose, and commissioned by Leeds Sanctuary. The meditations were originally written in response to the Covid19 pandemic, as we aimed to support people with their wellbeing, and… Continue reading Everyday Sacrament


Leeds Craftivists: Food Waste and Climate Justice

In April, the Leeds Craftivists met to explore the topic of Food Waste. We watched a video of Leeds Food Waste legend Adam Smith who founded the Real Junk Food Project. You can watch the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcwCt_8pXb4 We then had a wonderful discussion about the complexities of food waste, projects we are involved with,… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists: Food Waste and Climate Justice


Journaling – Love

This month’s journaling prompt was inspired by the idea that when we love and care for each other – be that with our time, words, physical touch, gifts or support – we create something beautiful which can be seen from the outside. We are aiming to create a flower, and how in-depth you do this… Continue reading Journaling – Love

Flourishing, Justice

Leeds Craftivists – Repair, Reduce and Re-Use

This month the theme for Leeds Craftivists was ‘Repair, reduce and reuse’. Ed Carlisle came to speak to us about local community approaches to embracing a sustainable lifestyle. He spoke about many community activities in South Leeds that have made repairing and reducing more widespread, such as Repair Café, Bike fixing and community den building.… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists – Repair, Reduce and Re-Use


Leeds Craftivists – January Sunflowers

The Leeds Craftivists met in January to learn about Climate Justice. We were joined by Sarah Jane from Christian Aid to hear about how Climate Change is impacting people around the world. Climate Justice is the overarching theme for the Leeds Craftivists this year. So January was an overview to lead us into a year… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists – January Sunflowers


Leeds Craftivists – January – What is Climate Justice?

Anna tells us about Climate Justice ahead of our first Leeds Craftivists meeting of 2022... Climate Justice looks at the inequality of Climate Change; acknowledging that many of the poorer nations around the world are impacted far worse by our changing climate than those of us in wealthy western countries. Climate Change is the result… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists – January – What is Climate Justice?