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“What Does God Think About…?” is back!

We are really pleased to share details of the next three “What Does God Think About…?” sessions.

“What Does God Think About…?” aims to be a safe space for bold discussion of topics we know people care about. We’ll first meet on Monday 16 January to discuss “New Years Resolutions”, then on Monday 20 February to discuss “Social Media”, and again on Monday 20 March when the topic will be “Racism”.

Edit on 15 March 2023: Unfortunately, our speaker for the March meeting on Racism is no longer able to join us, and so we will be discussing “Lent”.

David Goodall, one of the hosts for ‘What Does God Think About …?’ says “We’ve had some fantastic discussion at these events and I think the topics for the next three will bring out a variety of views and ideas which will make the conversation all the richer.”

If you’re interested in discussing any of these topics theologically, learning from others, or just hoping to meet other people with an interest in discussing big questions of faith, this is the space for you! Gather with us at The Canary Bar at Leeds Dock from 7.30 – 9pm, on any or all of these dates.

The Canary Bar is an accessible venue, and can be accessed with ease from Armouries Drive. If you’re walking from Leeds City Centre, Leeds Dock is approximately 12 minutes walk from Leeds Bus Station (directions can be found here) or a few minutes by bus if you want a brief reprieve from the cold! (Find a route here).

Additional information:

At Leeds Sanctuary, we value the mental and physical wellbeing of every individual. With this in mind, a Mental Health First Aider will be available for a conversation if any challenging topics arise during the session.

Like many organisations, we like to take photos and sometimes short videos so that we can showcase the work we’re doing in our various digital and print communications. If you would prefer not to be in any photos, please let us know by email or during the session, and we will ensure that you are not featured.

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