David shares a spoken word piece about Pentecost... God With Us Today The disciples (Jesus’ first followers) were left,again,they’d just got used to the fact he’d risen from the dead,they’d got used to him being around in his odd, risen, but not ghostly body,and then he’s gone again,up into the cloudsand they were on… Continue reading Pentecost


Enneagram Retreat Day: Prayer & Spirituality

We are really looking forward to our final Enneagram Retreat Day of 2024 on Saturday 01 June, when we’ll be learning more about Prayer & Spirituality. We at Leeds Sanctuary come from a Christian perspective on spirituality but this event is for everyone and we would love to have different spiritual perspectives in the room;… Continue reading Enneagram Retreat Day: Prayer & Spirituality



This Leeds Sanctuary meditation was recorded to give you the opportunity to reflect on Spring; how does the transition of spring affect you? If you enjoy this recording, why not join us on a Monday lunchtime for our Monday Mindfulness sessions? You'll also find more of our Meditation recordings here. If you like what… Continue reading Spring

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The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Sanctuary – Inclusive Language

In this week's episode, Emily talks to our Universities Chaplain, Revd Tim Nicholls, and Fiona Fidgin from the Communications Team of the Methodist Church about Inclusive Language. They ask, how can the language we use in reference to God help or hinder our understanding of God? This podcast will become available from Thursday 04… Continue reading The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Sanctuary – Inclusive Language


Sketch Walk: Pentecost and The Upper Room

Our second Sketch Walk of 2024, in collaboration with Leeds Church Institute and Sketch Club Social, will be on Pentecost and The Upper Room. Unlike previous Sketch Walks, we'll be meeting at lunchtime, gathering at Leeds Kirkgate Market at 12.30pm on Tuesday 14 May. As always though, the Walk will be a great opportunity to… Continue reading Sketch Walk: Pentecost and The Upper Room


Enneagram Retreat Day: Enneagram Sub-types

We're getting ready for our next Enneagram Retreat Day in April, on the topic of Sub-types. Learning about and using the Enneagram unlocks understanding of ourselves and those we live and work with, supporting healthy living and healthy relationships (find out more at our blog here). This retreat day will be focused on our subtypes… Continue reading Enneagram Retreat Day: Enneagram Sub-types

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Sharing Good News

In this blog, Emily discusses why it's important to share our successes and challenges as Christians and Churches... Since returning to work after Christmas, much of my work has been reflecting on activities from 2023, while planning and envisioning 2024. We have some really exciting projects, gatherings and events coming up at Leeds Sanctuary, and… Continue reading Sharing Good News