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The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Justice x Sanctuary – Toxic Masculinity, Misogyny and Modern Slavery (Part II)

Thanks for choosing the Leeds Sanctuary podcast! This episode is Part II of a two-part episode under our Sanctuary and Justice themes, where Anna and Emily discuss Toxic Masculinity, Misogyny and Modern Slavery with Deacon Kerry Scarlett. You can find part I of the conversation here. TRIGGER WARNING: In each episode of this two part podcast, there is non-graphic discussion of trauma, abuse and issues of safeguarding.

At the time of sharing, Kerry is the Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, and prior to this, her career has included ministry, workplace chaplaincy and the development of the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network and the Adavu Project, a Birmingham District project supporting survivors of modern slavery.

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In life and faith, we value and appreciate different perspectives, and encourage you to consider what your perspective is too! If anything in this podcast gets you thinking, you’d be more than welcome to get in touch with us for more information or a conversation.

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With thanks to Matt at MC Online Events for editing this podcast. Music by Stockaudios from Pixabay.

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