Leeds Craftivists Spring 2024 Campaign: Public Transport

Leeds Craftivists are back in 2024 with a brand new campaign on Public Transport.

We are partnering with Leeds Citizens and Better Buses for just that – better buses in Leeds. We want to hear your stories of why you do or don’t use the bus, your experiences of the bus and what the priorities for public transport in Leeds and the West Yorkshire region should be.

As always, we’ll be using creative methods to ask for reliable, sustainable and affordable public transport, and we’d like to invite you to make a bus that will be stuck onto a colourful city wide map.

The bus should be 8cm by 4cm and convey your key message for power holders on this issue, ie. use the advertising space as space to have a message about affordability, or draw passenger speech bubbles sharing why climate change is important.

The buses can be crafted however you like – drawn, stitched, crocheted, painted, knitted, the list goes on!

You can find a paper bus template here, and a knitting pattern here: https://www.letsknit.co.uk/free-knitting-patterns/mini-london-bus

Come and meet us on Monday 05 February and/or Monday 26 February at The Carriageworks Theatre (sign up using the Eventbrite links) and make your buses in community, or you can post your bus to Leeds Craftivists at 43 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EY. The campaign deadline is Thursday 29 February at 12pm.

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