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The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast – Encounter: Encounters in Community Organising

Thanks for choosing the Leeds Sanctuary podcast! This is our “Encounter” stream, and in this episode, David sits down with Becky Howcroft, a Community Organiser with Citizens UK, and Anna Bland, our Team Leader who is also the Co-Chair of Citizens in Leeds. Becky and Anna share what they love about community organising, the intersection of social justice and wellbeing, and share examples of successful campaigns which have had lasting impact for people living and working in Leeds.

This podcast will be available to listen to from Thursday 07 March.

You can find out more about Leeds Citizens here and more about our Leeds Craftivists group here.

In life and faith, we value and appreciate different perspectives, and encourage you to consider what your perspective is too! If anything in this podcast gets you thinking, you’d be more than welcome to get in touch with us for more information or a conversation.

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With thanks to Matt at MC Online Events for editing this podcast. Music by Stockaudios from Pixabay.

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