Flourishing, Leeds Sanctuary

Everyday Sacrament

Leeds Sanctuary are delighted to announce we are releasing a book! “Everyday Sacrament” is a collection of meditations and images written and curated by local artist, Shaeron Caton Rose, and commissioned by Leeds Sanctuary. The meditations were originally written in response to the Covid19 pandemic, as we aimed to support people with their wellbeing, and… Continue reading Everyday Sacrament


Journaling – Love

This month’s journaling prompt was inspired by the idea that when we love and care for each other – be that with our time, words, physical touch, gifts or support – we create something beautiful which can be seen from the outside. We are aiming to create a flower, and how in-depth you do this… Continue reading Journaling – Love

Encounter, Leeds Sanctuary

Week of Prayer for Church Unity

This week, Josh from Holy Trinity Boar Lane has kindly written a blog for us about the upcoming Week of Prayer for Church Unity... This week, we mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. In this week, we celebrate that whilst the different denominations of the Church disagree on many things, ultimately, there is… Continue reading Week of Prayer for Church Unity