David shares a spoken word piece about Pentecost…

God With Us Today

The disciples (Jesus’ first followers) were left,
they’d just got used to the fact he’d risen from the dead,
they’d got used to him being around in his odd, risen, but not ghostly body,
and then he’s gone again,
up into the clouds
and they were on their own,
left wondering what to do,
how to live.

Then “suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind,
and it filled the entire house where they were sitting[1]
and they remembered, they remembered his words:
you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you”[2]
and in that moment they knew,
they knew
that they were not on their own,
and would never be on their own,

God was with them, forever
in the power of God’s Holy Spirit.
From time to time,
we all feel alone,
we all have moments
when we wonder,
how will we live,
who is really with us.

And just like the disciples,
we can remember the promise
that we “receive power when the Holy Spirit”[3] comes upon us
and we will never be alone
for God is with us today, tomorrow, always.

And like the disciples learnt to live
with God with them
so we can learn to live with God with us
talking with God,
sharing with God,
living with God,
journeying with God
empowered by God,
gifted by God,
most of all just knowing
God is with us today,
changes everything.

Revd David Goodall. 16th May 2024

[1] Acts 2:2

[2] Acts 1:8

[3] Acts 2:2

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