Craftivism as lockdown eases

What racical crafty acts can you do in this time as lockdown eases and we all gaze into an unknown future. I have put together a few ideas but I would love to know your ideas too, please share them in the comments.

Craftivism ideas from Leeds Methodist Mission. Thanks to Vladimir Proskurovskiy for sharing their work on Unsplash.
  1. Making masks for care homes. We all need a good stash of masks now and they can we quite expensive so why not gift a care home staff member or resident with a beautiful homemade mask? Someone shared the below pattern but if you have one you know works do use that one instead! Then post your mask to a local care home with a message of encouragement.

2. Send a green heart to your MP. If you are concerned about the environment and want to build a greener future. We recommend sending your MP a green heart with a message encouraging them to keep the environment in their minds as they make decisions for the future. We have some suggestions of different techniques from origami to cross stitch depending what your crafty skills are in our blog here.

3. Crafting for Black Lives Matter. If you are keen to craft, learn while also do something soothing there is a wonderful blog on the Craftivist Collective website about crafting and the Black Lives Matter movement. Take a look at it for some inspiration.

If Craftivism sounds up your street then join our Leeds Craftivist Facebook group here!

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