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Mindfulness in difficult times: a free course

Welcome to our free mindfulness course, mindfulness in difficult times. This course aims to help you become more present in the moment, more focused and if you choose to it could be the beginning for a regular mindfulness practice. It takes you through 6 key mindfulness techniques over 6 sessions.

Accredited mindfulness teacher Cathy Ward teaches us each technique in a teaching video then invites us to try it using one of the recorded meditations. This course is personal and taught gently especially for beginners or people who are struggling.

Take this course as quickly or as slowly as suits you. Some techniques will work better for you than others so please feel free to repeat sessions and go back and forth in the course as suits you. You can use these meditations many times over. You can download the meditations from your normal podcast provider by searching LMM and looking out for our logo.

We hope you find this course an engaging and fulfilling experience.

Session 1: Bodyscan

Session 1 explores the technique of the bodyscan. Here is the teaching:

Below are the two meditations you can use to practice your new skills. This is the shorter meditation:

This is the longer meditation:

Session 2: Gentle movement

In session 2 Cathy teaches us how to move gently and connect with our bodies. Watch the teaching video first:

Then try a meditation, below is the shorter meditation where Cathy creates a space for you to practice your gentle movement:

This is the longer meditation if you have a bit more time today:

Session 3: Grounded

In this session we learn some techniques for staying grounded. Watch the teaching to gain an understanding of the technique:

Below is the experimental meditation which Cathy advises you do first to discover what works for you:

Now you’ve tried the experimental meditation you can use the meditation below using what you’ve learnt:

Session 4: Kindness

In this session Cathy teaches us some a mindfulness technique that help us be kinder to ourselves and others. Here is the teaching:

Try the meditations below, if you have less time today use the shorter meditation:

If you want to dedicate a bit more time to kindness today try the longer meditation:

Session 5: Circles

In this session Cathy invites us to let go of some of our hurt and find a safe space. She teaches us some circular movements to try in the meditations below.

If you have a bit less time today try our shorter meditation:

Or try the longer version if you have a bit more time:

Session 6: post exercise

In this session Cathy takes us through a stilling meditation for that time just after you exercise. There is a focus on listening to our bodies and embracing the fast and the slow, the active and the still.

Here is the teaching video:

Here is the shorter meditation if you are in a rush today:

Below is the longer post exercise meditation which takes about half an hour:

Thank you taking part in this course. We hope you have learn a lot but also expereinced some stillness and that you feel more connected with yourself and the present time.

If you have enjoyed this and want to follow it up with some further meditation take a look at our Guided Meditations.

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