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Using a labyrinth for meditation

Meditation is a common practice around the world, you probably think of it as sitting and doing very little. However it can take many forms depending what is most useful to you. The labyrinth is an ancient idea where using a shape like the one below you move into the centre following the single path and then out again. The slow and the meditative process has proved useful in many situations.

It can be done using a large labyrinth on the floor inside or outdoors or from the comfort of your own home using what is called a finger labyrinth.

Deacon Merry Evans has used labyrinths for years and is going to take use through how to draw a finger labyrinth that you can use at home:

Now you have drawn your labyrinth, whether you went for a smaller or a larger one, you need to know how to use it. In this video Deacon Merry takes us through the process of ‘walking’ a labyrinth:

You can use your labyrinth when you’re having a stressful moment in the day or in your set quiet times to find peace or process a difficult situation. Give it a go!

For some techniques using a labyrinth for problem solving or decision making take a look at this blog.

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