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This meditation was kindly provided for us by Tim at Blackbird Mindfulness, who runs our Monday Mindfulness sessions. Sometimes our minds can be very busy; our thoughts darting and pulling our attention in different directions. This recording is an introduction to the practice of labelling your thoughts, empowering you to defuse them and take control.… Continue reading Labelling

Meditation, Reflection


What does it mean to find flow in your life? Ask yourself this question with our guided meditation this month. Our guided meditations are inspired by mindfulness and ancient Christian contemplative practices. We hope to help you notice the present moment and encourage you to reflect on how you are. This month we look at… Continue reading Flow

Meditation, Reflection

Support Structure

Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young (Psalm 84) Take a look at the first picture. This is recent work by Rachel Whitread, the British sculptor famous for casting empty structures with concrete, making something solid, impermeable and haunting out of absence… Continue reading Support Structure

Meditation, Reflection

Trust: mindfulness pillar 4

The fifth in our podcast series introducing us to the pillars of mindfulness. These are the things that make mindfulness useful to us and the mindsets to try and adopt. Tim from Blackbird Mindfulness takes us through these key attitudes each month. This month it is all about trust! To start from the beginning… Continue reading Trust: mindfulness pillar 4