Meditation, Reflection

A walk in nature

This podcast has been especially created for using when you go on a walk to your favourite bit of nature. It encourages you to prayerfully notice what is around you, be grateful for it and reflect on why you love that particular place. It is a stand alone podcast created in partnership with Leeds South and West Methodist Circuit.

Please do listen on this page but it may be easier (and better for your data usage) to download it onto your favourite podcast app so you can listen as you walk.

If you use the Apple Podcast app you can find us here.

If you use Spotify you can find us here.

For any of these or whichever podcast app just search ‘LMM’ and you should find us.

The photo is by Irene Strong from Unsplash.

The music is:
Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod on a creative commons license:ā€¦piano-music/

Here is the creative commons license:

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