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“Hope can be found in many places: in the rolling out of the vaccine, thoughts of Christmas spent with loved ones, plans for the future and our faith and spirituality, to name a few. Hope does not discount suffering, hope looks suffering and hurt right in the eyes and still sees a spark of goodness and light in the distance. My hope for you is whatever has gone on in your world this year, and whatever has gone on in your mind that there is still a spark, however small and difficult to distinguish, that something better is possible for you, your loved ones, your community, your country and the whole world.”

This is a recorded reflection to help you find times of stillness. It is influenced by mindfulness and meditation practices.

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2 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Professional feel to the production. I believe that filling your mind with positive thoughts and/or scripture is more productive than trying to empty your mind. How about adding some scriptures about hope|?

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