Leeds Craftivists – January Sunflowers

The Leeds Craftivists met in January to learn about Climate Justice. We were joined by Sarah Jane from Christian Aid to hear about how Climate Change is impacting people around the world.

Climate Justice is the overarching theme for the Leeds Craftivists this year. So January was an overview to lead us into a year of campaigning on this topic.

We decided to make sunflowers as our action for this month. Sunflowers are a very useful plant: they remove toxins from the soil, the stem is strong and can be made into paper, you can eat the seeds and they are beautiful. They are always looking upwards towards the sun, this and their bright yellow petals make them a beautiful sign of hope. This is why they are seen as a symbol of a positive and sustainable future in the face of climate injustice.

This month we will be sending our beautiful sunflowers to either the Prime Minister or our local MPs. We are asking them to keep holding Climate Change high on their agendas for the sake of people all over the world.

Here is some recommended wording.

So what is next?

A year long campaign

We will be putting together a pack of resources so you can make sunflowers with your school, community group, church group, scout or guide group.

We believe when we all speak together with one clear message using creativity and beauty we can bring about change.

Monthly meet-ups

Each month we will be learning more about Climate Justice as we delve into some areas in more detail. We are always keen to welcome to new members to these meet-ups, no crafting ability required!

You can see our timetable below, sign up to the zoom events here and our February in person meet-up here.

We really hope you will join us for some of our 2022 campaign!

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