Leeds Craftivists – January Sunflowers

The Leeds Craftivists met in January to learn about Climate Justice. We were joined by Sarah Jane from Christian Aid to hear about how Climate Change is impacting people around the world. Climate Justice is the overarching theme for the Leeds Craftivists this year. So January was an overview to lead us into a year… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists – January Sunflowers


Leeds Craftivists: what is COP26?

All year the Leeds Craftivists have been learning about the Climate Crisis and how it intereacts with our lives. We have been campaigning ahead of COP26 to encourage leaders and become better informed ourselves. But what is COP26? Join us for an informative and creative evening looking at what COP26 is and what will be… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists: what is COP26?


Leeds Craftivists: COP26 Green Hearts

This year the Leeds Craftivists have been encouraging groups across the city to create Green Hearts. We want to tell our local leaders that we love the planet and encourage them to make poisitve choices for a sustainable future. This is your chance to come and learnt a bit more about the campaign and how… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists: COP26 Green Hearts


Leeds Craftivists: Biodiversity

Each month the Leeds Craftivists meet on Zoom to learn about a different element of Climate Change. We have a speaker and do a creative action. On Monday 7th June, 7.30-9pm we are learning about and discussing biodiversity. You can register to join us here. We will be hearing from Catherine Mercer of the Yorkshire… Continue reading Leeds Craftivists: Biodiversity


Leeds Green Heart Campaign 2021

This November world leaders are meeting to discuss climate change and what commitments they are making to cut their nation’s carbon footprint. This is vital to the future of the whole world. The meeting is in Glasgow so the perfect opportunity for UK leaders to make a stand in support of radical action on Climate… Continue reading Leeds Green Heart Campaign 2021