Leeds Craftivists: Biodiversity Campaign

The Leeds Craftivists run quarterly campaigns on issues relating to Climate Change and working towards a greener, fairer future. This quarter they are focusing on biodiversity. They are asking you to get involved by making bees. Here is an overview.

Making a bee

You can make a bee using whatever material you want. Below are some templates that might prove useful:

A crochet pattern

A knitting pattern

A cross stitch pattern

You can also draw, paint, origami your bee.

For kids you may want some simple paper crafts:

Bee colouring, cut and stick

3D paper bee

Papier mache bee

The national ask

We are supporting the RSPB campaign Attack on Nature so we invite you send a bee to your MP with a hand written note. Template letter below.

The local ask

Here in Leeds we want to encourage biodiversity in Leeds City Centre. In the city centre there are some large planters that are part of Leeds in Bloom. We are asking the businesses that look after them to take care of them and plant some native plants that will encourage pollinators.

Send you bees to:

Anna Bland
Leeds Sanctaury
43 The Calls

If you aren’t in Leeds but are passionate about biodiversity then we would love to have a conversation about what your local ask could be: anna.bland@leedssanctaury.org.uk or 07903755995. Please send us pictures of your bees too.

Template letters

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