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Remembrance Day 2023

As we head into Remembrance weekend 2023, David shares a reflection with us.

Please see the transcript below:

“This weekend is Remembrance Sunday, the day when we remember the signing of the armistice, the ceasefire which ended the 1st world war, at 11am on 11th November 1918. For generations around remembrance people have worn poppies and laid wreaths as a act of remembrance and thanksgiving of those who gave their lives in the two world wars and other conflicts across the world. 

“For many people remembrance is a significant moment and many people will find a way to mark remembrance this weekend. There are also those who struggle with remembrance events, feel that they celebrate war and that there are other ways we could acknowledge the difficult events of war. 

“This year as we approach Remembrance Sunday we do so in the context of the new season of conflict and war in Israel and Palestine, where tragically people have lost their lives and many others are suffering. This is alongside the ongoing war in Ukraine and other conflicts throughout the world. For me, our current context leaves me feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what I think or feel as we come to remember this weekend. 

“In this sense of being overwhelmed I am reminded that as I remember those who have given their lives in conflict so others might live, as I acknowledge there are those who will loose their lives in conflict this week there are also those who seek peace in many different ways, those such as Chaplains who come alongside those who serve in armed forces to support them and those who work for diplomatic solutions. In each of these I see a glimpse of Jesus Christ who through his life brought peace, seeked to serve others and sought the solutions of God’s Kingdom. 

“As I see Christ in these people I see moments of God’s peace breaking through and whilst that doesn’t take away from the horror of the conflicts that are taking place today they give me hope and encourage me to be a peace seeker. 

“As we approach remembrance this weekend, I hope you will find the way to mark this day in a way which is appropriate for you, that you too will see hope in the darkness and that you may know God’s peace with you and be encouraged to be a peace seeker.  May the peace of God which passes all understanding keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God. Amen.”

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