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Session 4 of ‘Mindfulness in difficult times’: kindness

This is session 4 of our 6 part introductory course to mindfulness. It is particularly made for difficult times and therefore is taught very gently. Accredited mindfulness teacher Cathy Ward teaches a few core techniques that will help you be more present and find some inner peace. In session 4 she focuses on kindness to ourselves and to others.

If you want to start at the beginning with session 1 you can find that here.

Here is the teaching for session 4:

Here is the shorter recorded meditation, it offers you the opportunity to try the mindfulness technique:

If you have more time today, please try the longer meditation:

Want to try the other sessions in the course? Here is Session 3: Grounded and Session 5: Circles.

Cathy Ward is a mindfulness teacher and massage therapist. You can find a full list of Cathy’s sessions on this page of our website. Find more of her work on her website here.

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