A sensory meditation for weariness

Many of us find it easier to process our thoughts if our hands are occupied; if we have something physical to ground us and focus us in the moment we're in, keeping us on task. Our theme at Leeds Sanctuary this month is "Weariness", but naming what we're struggling with internally can be very difficult;… Continue reading A sensory meditation for weariness

Flourishing, Leeds Sanctuary


This week, Anna discusses Flourishing - a holistic, God-centred understanding of wellbeing... Flourishing is the final value of Leeds Sanctuary. This value was developed during Lockdown. We were seeing so many people struggling with their wellbeing that I started to explore wellbeing resources that might help people see themselves as a full, whole, complicated human… Continue reading Flourishing

Meditation, Wellbeing


This meditation was kindly provided for us by Tim at Blackbird Mindfulness, who runs our Monday Mindfulness sessions. Sometimes our minds can be very busy; our thoughts darting and pulling our attention in different directions. This recording is an introduction to the practice of labelling your thoughts, empowering you to defuse them and take control.… Continue reading Labelling

Meditation, Reflection, Wellbeing


This month we have been thinking a lot about "home"... What is your relationship with home? Many of us find ourselves starting to spend more time at home and indoors at this time of year; there‚Äôs less daylight, and the weather is becoming increasingly cold and more unpredictable. This can present genuine challenges to our… Continue reading Home


Monday Mindfulness

After a successful pilot Monday Mindfulness is returning on Monday 6th September on Zoom for the forseeable future. Each Monday Tim of Blackbird mindfulness leads us in 25 minutes of mindfulness. He often includes some breathwork, body scans and helps us become aware of our thoughts and feelings. It is all about us connecting with… Continue reading Monday Mindfulness

Meditation, Reflection


What does it mean to find flow in your life? Ask yourself this question with our guided meditation this month. Our guided meditations are inspired by mindfulness and ancient Christian contemplative practices. We hope to help you notice the present moment and encourage you to reflect on how you are. This month we look at… Continue reading Flow


Meditation on Flourishing

This is a recorded meditation about flourishing. It explores what is means for us to flourish and gives you a time of stillness. It for anyone thinking about what their life might look like as lockdown eases and life changes. If you want to flourish this could be a useful reflection. This meditation is influenced… Continue reading Meditation on Flourishing