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In November 2021, our world leaders are meeting to discuss climate change and what commitments they are making to reduce their nation’s carbon footprint. This is important for the future of the whole world. This conference is called COP26 and is being held in Glasgow in Scotland – the perfect place for UK leaders to make a stand in support of radical action on climate change.

That’s why Leeds Craftivists are asking you to create a green heart and send it to a local leader. Your voice is powerful. Your voice matters. You can encourage your leader to make a stand and make your voice and their voice heard on climate change. We are also asking you to create a second heart to add to a large art piece of green hearts to be displayed in Leeds in November.

Ahead of this session you may want to look at the crafting templates below and ask the young people to bring some crafty supplies.

Session plan


  • We are making green hearts ahead of COP26 in Glasgow in association with #LeedsCraftivists
  • Craftivism is creative activism – a way to get involved creatively in the issues in our world and make change

Mindful moment

Talking about climate change can cause anxiety so it is important we take time to look after ourselves, mindfulness or meditation can be a way to do that. Use this short three minute recording to start the session with a still and quiet moment!

Climate change quiz

See how much your group know about climate change with this short quiz.


Everyone can do the same craft or each person can choose their own way to make two green hearts: one for you to send to your leader, and one for you to send to Leeds Craftivists.

Below are templates for various crafty ways to make a green heart but please do create in whatever way you want:

Choosing your ask

Along with your green heart you are going to send a letter explaining why you care about the planet and what you want to see change. Within that letter we are asking you to make two specific asks:

  1. Sign the climate change declaration:
  2. Make a personal ask that is relevant to you.

Your personal ask can be individual or as a group you can agree on one ask to one local leader or organisation you are all going to send your green hearts to. Working out what you want to ask can be tricky so take some time discussing the questions below to help you work it out:

  1. If you were going to be a climate justice superhero, what would be your superpower?
  2. Who could make a change happen on this issue here in Leeds? (some suggestions include contacting your local MP, local councillor, or a CEO of a local business or a leader of local organisation who could make more ethical choices)
  3. How will this help climate change?

Template letter


My name is… and I am (age). I am writing to you as a young person who is in your constituent/as a young customer/local resident who is concerned about climate  change ahead of the COP26 conference. In November, world leaders will gather in Glasgow to make important decisions and commitments about how our world can work together to cut the amount of climate dioxide that goes into the atmosphere to cause climate change.

This is especially important to me because I am a part of the generation who will face the effects of the damage we cause to the planet now. I know we can make a change but it only happens if we all come together.

With this in mind I am asking if you will:

Thank you for all that you do to bring positive change in our community, it does not go unnoticed. I am asking you to sign the Climate Coalition Declaration as a community leader to make a statement about your intention to do what you can for the environment, using your power for good.

Best wishes,


Second Heart

Please post your second green heart to:
Leeds Craftivists
20 New Market Street

Thank you for using this resource if you have questions or feedback please do get in contact:, 07903755995.

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