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A wellbeing resource for small groups

We believe everyone deserves to flourish and we hope this resource will help you see your own wellbeing afresh. This exercise will look and feel different for each person. We cannot tell another what it means to flourish, we can only walk alongside them and discover together. This resource is to help you walk alongside one another.

This resource is an introduction to thinking about our wellbeing in a holistic way. It can be one long session or three shorter sessions, it is for close friends to work through together.

I would encourage you to take your time with each section, giving each person as long as they need to talk through the different elements of their wellbeing. Only use this resource in a two, three or four where there is a good level of trust between all of you. Be gentle with one another especially when discussing areas of overlap in your lives.

This resource looks first at our wellbeing as an individual, then at our relationships and community wellbeing and then how we are contributing to the wellbeing of the world.

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Pre-session(s) work

  1. Draw a picture of yourself in the middle of a piece of paper.

2. Then write around it the various parts of your life: work, hobbies, friends, family; whatever makes sense to you and your life.

3. Around each of these titles break it down further e.g. the different projects or skills involved in work, different friends or friendship groups etc.

4. Then looking through the different elements of your life. Using different colours and/shapes put marks next to the things that give you energy, you find tiring, find relaxing or fun and things you find challenging.

Intro to each session

This can be one longer session or three shorter sessions depending what works best for those involved and how long your discussions last.

Start each session with a time of quiet reflection or prayer. You can use our mindful moment recording if that helps.


Then ask everyone how they are feeling about what is to be discussed.

Individual wellbeing

Have your mindmap in front of you and take it in turns to talk one another through it, sharing as much as you are comfortable to. Use the discussion starter questions below

Discussion starters:
–          What did you notice about your mindmap?
–          What colour or symbol is there a lot of?
–          What colour or symbol is there not a lot of?
–          What surprised you?
–          What were your disappointed about?
–          Are there any clear ways you could care for yourself, small changes you could make that would improve your wellbeing?

After each person have spoken have a few minutes where others in the group can ask questions or share encouragements.

Round up this section with a time of reflection where each of you share one thing you are taking away from this.

Community wellbeing

For this part of the discussion you will need your mindmap again. Look over it and notice in each section where the key relationships are. For example, in family and friends sections this will be most it but for other element there might just be a couple of things to notice e.g. a colleagues name or a hobby group you’re part of.

Now each person take it in turns to talk through the various relationships in your life: groups and individuals.

Consider the below for each relationship or community:
–          What colour or symbol have you associated with that relationship (if any)?
–          What do you give and what do you receive within that group or relationship?
Looking at the whole picture consider:
–          The areas of your life that feel most connected
–          The relationships that are especially important and special

Round up this section with a time of reflection where each of you share one thing you are taking away from this.

Global wellbeing

In this section we think wider again; about our relationship to the environment and with our global family. In other words how we understand ourselves as a global citizen and respond to that.

We each hold values about how we interact with the wider world. This is the chance to think about how these play out and have an impact.

As with the other sections each take it in turns to share on this topic.

Areas you could discuss but also think of others that apply to you:
–          How you shop
–          Charities you support
–          Activism you engage in
–          What you read and learn about
–          Any topics that you are particularly passionate about

If you don’t do anything for some of them that is absolutely fine – this is not an exercise to make you feel bad about yourself but a chance to celebrate and further understand our power for good.

To close the whole session/s it might be nice to share some encouragements with each person in the group. Then hold a quiet time of reflection or prayer.

Thank you for taking this time to look at your wellbeing, we hope it has been valuable for you. Do get in touch with any feedback or questions: anna.bland@ywmethodist.org.uk.

For more wellbeing and meditation resources visit our website: www.leedsmethodistmission.co.uk.

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