5 ways to wellbeing

Wellbeing is a key element of the work we do here at LMM. We believe in holistic wellbeing that sees the whole of you as we know when one area of our life feels difficult our whole life feels difficult. We frame out ideas about wellbeing around a Christian-inspired concept of Human Flourishing. In every area of our life we have the potential to flourish and experience moments of wholeness.

We see it as a life long journey, not something we can achieve and certainly not something we can buy, despite what the adverts tell us.

One framework in which we can understand this is through the 5 ways to wellbeing. A well researched, simple and holistic idea to help each of us think of ways to can work towards flourishing.

The 5 ways to wellbeing are:

Working with our friends at Touchstone in Bradford we created a 5 week course. It looked at each of 5 ways to wellbeing in turn. Each week the leader shares some basic ideas and reflections from their own life on each theme. People were then invited to join smaller support groups to share and learn from one another.

The questions we asked the groups to think about were:

Week 1: Keep Learning

What is my approach to learning?  What has influenced my view/attitude to learning?

What would I like to learn about?  What are my interest areas?  What am I curious about?

What do I need to do make learning more fun and look forward to?  Is it a shift in mind set, or perhaps something more practical?

Week 2:  Notice

If noticing enhances wellbeing, what opportunities can I make to take notice more often.

How can I practice slowing down and pausing more often?

What difference will incorporating this in my day to day life make?

Week 3:  Connect

Which of your connections (relational or virtual) nurture you and which deplete you? 

How would you know if you were connecting or just making contact?  What’s the difference?

If being well connected is good for your mental wellbeing, is there anything you’d like to do more, is there anything you would like to do less of?

Week 4:  Be Active

What activities do I engage in on a regular basis?  How would I like to develop this?

Who can support me to be more active at home/work? Is there something we could do together?

Are there any minor adjustments I can make in my life that can help me be more active? 

Week 5:  Give

What do you give to others on a regular basis?  Do you notice what it’s like for you when you give to others?

What could you give yourself that you hadn’t thought of before?

If you want to run a course in your context we would love to chat to you. Drop me an email: anna.bland@ywmethodist.org.uk.

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