Leeds Sanctuary

Leeds Sanctuary

From today, we will be known as “Leeds Sanctuary”; a change we are really excited about and which has been some time in prayer and planning. Sanctuary has been one of our values from the beginning, so the choice of name feels like part of the journey we have been on for the last couple of years.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of Sanctuary is “protection or a safe place…”, and that is fundamental to the communities we have been building in Leeds City Centre. Sanctuary can look like many things – it can be a place, a community; it can be even be found in the unexpected – and we hope to create more opportunities for people to find Sanctuary in our communities.

Our mission as LMM has been to create spaces, community and resources for the people of Leeds to explore areas of social justice, while also recognising the need to provide opportunities for creativity, wellbeing, and mindfulness, and that mission will remain the same. We are excited to grow these communities further and create new ones as we forge new relationships and meet new people across the City.

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