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Prayer is perhaps the most accessible element of life as a Christian, as it can be done any time, any where, without any thing! In the Methodist Church, Prayer forms an important part of the Methodist Way of Life, and is about making space in the day to remember that we are always in God’s presence. We might use this time to share our lives with Him, give thanks, pray for ourselves and others, and ideally, listen to God (read more here).

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We know that lots of people struggle with where to start, so our leadership team at Leeds Sanctuary have put together a list of some resources that they’ve found really helpful…


“I love something small that I can read each day, so this book of daily devotions from the wonderful Richard Rohr is perfect. It has a healthy dose of challenge and makes me want to revisit passages of the Bible for a fresh understanding.

“Also, I would recommend the ‘Pray as you go’ app, which is a simple daily reflection that you listen to. It has a real variety of music which I love. Each day has a Bible reading and a theme which you are invited to reflect on. It is simple and (I think) accessible to Christians of all theologies and denominations.”


David enjoys the Northumbria Community Daily Prayer and the Methodist Church Word in Time Bible Studies, which are great for getting into any prayer rhythm.

The Methodist Church website has a whole section about Prayer which offers something for everyone, including a Prayer of the Day, a Prayer Wall for you to submit requests and/or pray for others, and a Creative Prayer sub-section for those who find it easier to encounter God creatively – Prayer (methodist.org.uk)

The Lectio 365 app is a free daily devotional which works through a rhythm of prayer every day, and the creators of this app (24-7 Prayer International) also host a page with further suggestions of how to start praying: Some recommendations Archives – 24-7 Prayer International .

One of our core values at Leeds Sanctuary is that of Encounter, and we would love to hear from you if you if you have any questions, would like some advice on prayer, have a success story or praise report to share, or have a favourite prayer resource to share.

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