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Wonder and Creation

In January our theme is ‘Wonder’. It feels like an appropriate topic at a time of year when things often feel dreary and hard work. This month we are inviting you to find the wonder in the day-to-day.

As many of you who have read Leeds Sanctuary blogs before will know, we are keen campaigners on Climate Change. One of the reasons for this is because we believe our planet is beautiful and is something worth saving. We see this beauty all around us but perhaps especially in the natural world.

Here in Leeds we are surrounded by beautiful nature, and it is a short journey into the full-on beauty of the Dales. However, there are also many secret spots of natural beauty in our urban areas: canal paths, parks and abandoned areas where nature has taken back control. Many people reported discovering these places for the first time or rediscovering them in lockdown.

For me personally, spending time in nature is a spiritual experience. Even on my well-trod regular running route, I often experience moments of awe and wonder at the beauty and variety I can see around me on a relatively urban stretch of canal. I love seeing the changes through the seasons and am always on the look out for exciting birds. At times when the world feels bitter and harsh the sight of new blossom or a duck caring for its young, will always bring me back to a more loving understanding. This has been so informative in my Christian faith, God revealed through the natural world.

This month our little challenge to you is when you are next out walking in your local area, notice and marvel at a small miracle of nature.

If you believe our beautiful planet is worth saving then head over to the Leeds Craftivists page for more information about how to be part of our creative campaigns.

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