Street Art

It simply isn’t possible to walk around Leeds without coming across Art.

Comms boxes covered in Leeds United chants, player names or Bielsa on his bucket; grafitti on partitions, walls or abandoned buildings; the mosaic at the bottom of Kirkgate Market; the heron at the canal by the Dock; our list could go on and on.

As I walked around Leeds, ahead of writing this blog, I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons between these different art styles. Some were designed and created with painstaking precision and purpose, such as the “Me&You” wall. Others, such as this chalk message, are done quickly and meant to last just a moment.

Have you had any moments recently that you are thankful were just moments, and washed away?

Can you think of a quality about you that you’ve worked hard to create, or refine? What went into that process?

You might find it helpful to take a blank page and draw what comes to mind as you ponder these questions, or write down any reflections, words or phrases.

I also thought about these two photos. A mural of Calvin Philips makes sense in 2022, but what about in 2032? Or 2042? Maybe someone else will be on the wall by then. This heron is itself timeless, but will look different year on year as the water and debris of the canal rise and slowly erode it (unless someone pays careful attention to it).

Is there anything about your life, good or bad, that makes sense for now but is time-limited, unless you invest in and care for it?

Further links:

Go to https://www.visitleeds.co.uk/street-art-trail/ for a map of Street Art in Leeds.

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