Gender and Climate – Leeds Craftivists

This month the Leeds Craftivists met to discuss the intersection between gender inequality and climate injustice. It was a fascinating conversation for a group of majority women.

Lizzie shared some reflections on how climate change impacts women and other gender identities around the world more than men. Sometimes in ways that you would not expect, such as how types of clothing make it harder to get to safety in times of extreme weather disasters.

In response we all created encouraging messages for women who have inspired us in our climate justice knowledge and activism. Like the one below:

We will send these along with a letter to these inspiring women.

If you want to get involved in our action this month then think of a woman who has inspired you on your climate justice journey and create a beautiful, encouraging message.

Here is a template of the letter you could send with the message:


I am writing to you from the Leeds Craftivist group. This month we spoke about the intersection of gender inequality and climate injustice.

As Craftivists we aim to use our creativity to make the world a better, more beautiful, more hopeful place. Therefore we all decided to send an encouraging message to someone who had helped and encouraged us in our climate justice knowledge and activism. I immediately thought of you because…….

I hope you find this message inspiring and helpful. Please keep doing your work for a more hopeful, greener future.

Best wishes,


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