A sensory meditation for weariness

Many of us find it easier to process our thoughts if our hands are occupied; if we have something physical to ground us and focus us in the moment we’re in, keeping us on task.

Our theme at Leeds Sanctuary this month is “Weariness”, but naming what we’re struggling with internally can be very difficult; it might be a situation or decision we’re wrestling with, or it might be something we felt or did in response to something else. Next time you’re outside, see if you can find something hard – a pebble, stone, or even a wall – and see what you notice about the object; perhaps it is rough against your skin, or heavy as you lift it (or attempt to).

Consider what has been making you feel weary, what has been burdening you, as you touch or hold the hard object you’ve chosen. Think about it in whatever depth you need to, and as you put the pebble down or move on from the brick, think about what you might need in order to feel less weary, burdened or stretched thin; what could you add, take away or change?

If you pray, you might use this meditation to have a conversation with God; casting these cares on Him, seeking His comfort and answers. If not, take time to reflect and connect with yourself; how are you today?

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