Make a Bee Haven

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This toolkit should help you to plant some native wildflowers wherever you live or work. Native wildflowers are the best home and food source for the numerous species of native bees and other pollinators, therefore we want as many native wildflowers growing in Leeds and especially the City Centre as possible.

Photo by Nerea Martí Sesarino on Unsplash

Currently the City Centre is a biodiversity desert, but it doesn’t have to be. We believe it could be a thriving home for wildlife. We all know we are in a Climate Crisis but we are also in a Biodiversity Crisis (hear more about that here). This will have devastating impacts on our ability to grow food in future, as well as losing so many amazing native creatures and plants.

So here are the simple steps:

  1. Find an outdoor space, a roof, or other area where it is safe to put a planter.
  2. Find a planter made by Leeds Wood Co-Op or from eBay, like this one.
  3. Use the wildflower seed provided by Leeds Sanctuary or buy some from here.
  4. Fill the planter with soil and sprinkle the seeds over the top and water regularly.
  5. Ask someone who is passionate about this to care for this planter going forward.

This could cost less than £50 to set-up, and it contributes to your climate commitments, making a real difference to our city environment.

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