At What Cost: A Theological Perspective

Welcome to the first episode of the “At What Cost” podcast series, a collaboration between us here at Leeds Sanctuary and Manchester & Stockport Methodists.

In this first episode, we ask why the Cost of Living Crisis should matter to Christians, speaking to Anna Bland (our Team Leader) and Revd Ian Rutherford of Central Hall Methodist Church in Manchester.

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If you’ve been moved by this podcast, you might like to take action. We invite you to:

Pray – Pray for those who are being affected by the Cost of Living Crisis, and for those people and organisations who are caring for them and campaigning for a better future.

Challenge – Listen to future episodes of this podcast and take action towards a better now and a better tomorrow.

If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please do share it with others. In life and faith, we value and appreciate different perspectives, and encourage you to consider what your perspective is too! If anything in this podcast gets you thinking, you’d be more than welcome to get in touch with us with your comments, or for more information or a conversation.

Contact Emily or Tori.

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