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Seesion 1 of ‘mindfulness in difficult times’: body scan

This is the first in our six part course introducing you to different mindfulness techniques, session one introduces the body scan technique. This course is the perfect way to introduce yourself to mindfulness for the first time.

Each session will have a video where Cathy teaches us about the technique and then two meditations that you can use in your regular practice. There is a longer one if you have 45 mins or shorter one which is 20 mins, use whichever one is best for you today. Watch the introduction to the course here.

In this session Cathy Ward introduces you to the body scan, a technique for becoming aware of your whole body.

Here is the teaching from Cathy:

The longer meditation which is 45 minutes is here:

Here is the shorter version which is 20 minutes long:

Want to try the next session? Here it is Session 2: Gentle Movement

Cathy Ward is a mindfulness teacher and massage therapist. You can find a full list of Cathy’s sessions on this page of our website. Find more of her work on her website here.

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