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Session 5 of ‘Mindfulness in difficult times’: circles

This is session 5 of 6 of our introduction to mindfulness, made especially for difficult times, just like now. Accredited mindfulness teacher Cathy takes us through some key mindfulness techniques. In each session there is some teaching on youtube and then two meditations to try some mindfulness yourself at home. In this session Cathy takes us through some simple movement to help us connect and adjust to changes times.

If you want to start from the beginning of the course here is Session 1: Bodyscan.

Here is the teaching:

Below is the shorter meditation. You can listen to this on soundcloud but also on your normal podcast provider by searching LMM and looking our for our logo.

Below is the longer meditation.

Want to try the other sessions in the course? Here is Session 4: Kindness.

Cathy Ward is a mindfulness teacher and massage therapist. You can find a full list of Cathy’s sessions on this page of our website. Find more of her work on her website here.

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