Encounter, Leeds Sanctuary

About Me: Kate

“Hi, I’m Kate Spooner and I am delighted to be facilitating Monday Mindfulness for Leeds Sanctuary.  I qualified as a Mindfulness teacher several years ago and have enjoyed the opportunity since then to teach MBCT Mindfulness courses both in the NHS and in the recovery college, and drop-in sessions for NHS staff. I find it helps to ground me and helps me have perspective on what I am experiencing so that I can respond to it more wisely and with compassion for myself and others around me.

During the Monday Mindfulness sessions we do a different Meditation practice each week, including sitting with the breath and the body, mindful movement, mindful cup of tea and self-compassion practices. I am happy to adapt to what people who come to the sessions would like, for example some people find the breath a good anchor for attention, and others find something else more helpful like listening to sound or using an object to hold on to.  We also have a few moments for anyone to share what they noticed while doing the practice.

People find it a space in which they can find a few moments peace and awareness which can equip them to continue with their day with a fresh perspective and sense of calm. You would be most welcome to join us any time.”

If you’d like to find out more about Monday Mindfulness, you can learn more and register for the Zoom details here.

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