Non-striving: mindfulness pillar 5

Another in our series about the attitudes of mindfulness. Tim, of Blackbird Mindfulness, introduces us to another mindful attitude this time it is all about non-striving. We release one per month, last month was all about Trust. Halfway through Tim invites you to pause this recording and do a simple sitting practice, for a… Continue reading Non-striving: mindfulness pillar 5

Meditation, Reflection

Patience: mindfulness pillar 1

Over the next few months we are releasing a series of podcasts introducing the pillars of mindfulness. This month the pillar Tim, of Blackbird Mindfulness, is sharing is patience. In mindfulness patience is a form of wisdom and certainly a virtue. Tim shares the value of giving ourselves time, having a patient attitude and staying… Continue reading Patience: mindfulness pillar 1

Meditation, Reflection

Session 6 of ‘Mindfulness in difficult time’: post exercise

This is the sixth and final session of our mindfulness course 'Mindfulness in difficult times'. The theme of this session is contrast, the contrast between movement and stillness post exercise but also other areas of contrast in our lives. We focus on our body, our heartbeat and our breath. In each session of this course… Continue reading Session 6 of ‘Mindfulness in difficult time’: post exercise