Acceptance: mindfulness pillar 6

Each month we explore a different attitude of mindfulness with Tim of Blackbird Mindfulness. This month he teaches us and takes us through a practice of acceptance. This attitude is all about being aware of the present moment, how we are in the present moment and accepting it for what it is. In this… Continue reading Acceptance: mindfulness pillar 6


Non-striving: mindfulness pillar 5

Another in our series about the attitudes of mindfulness. Tim, of Blackbird Mindfulness, introduces us to another mindful attitude this time it is all about non-striving. We release one per month, last month was all about Trust. Halfway through Tim invites you to pause this recording and do a simple sitting practice, for a… Continue reading Non-striving: mindfulness pillar 5



A recorded reflection about time: how we use it and why we worry about it. There is a stilling exercise, a time of silence and a spoken reflection on the theme of time. This is inspired by mindfulness and Christian contemplative practices. Please do listen on this page but you may want to download… Continue reading Time

Meditation, Reflection

Word of the Year

“Act upon hope” Commoners Choir Take a look at the first picture – you will be familiar with this by now, as I have used it twice previously this month. I have asked my daughter to adapt it in her own style for this week’s blog. For some reason, it’s has spoken to me in… Continue reading Word of the Year