Journaling – Love

This month’s journaling prompt was inspired by the idea that when we love and care for each other – be that with our time, words, physical touch, gifts or support – we create something beautiful which can be seen from the outside.

We are aiming to create a flower, and how in-depth you do this is totally up to you! You could simply use paper and a pencil, you could add different coloured paper or card, or you could go as far as making something 3D if you feel particularly inspired.

So thinking of a flower, draw or cut out some petals around a circle to represent the middle. In each petal, write something you have done or said to show someone love this week, or something that has made you feel loved this week. As you recap the week, write each individual thing in a new petal – hopefully, you will need to create more layers, either by cutting out more petals to layer on top, or by using a different coloured pen or pencil to write in the existing petals.

We would love to see your flowers if you’d like to share them with us! Send us a message or tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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