Art as an Act of Love

This month our theme is Love. I believe art is an act of love; through the giving of art, the creation of art and images created; images of hope and imagination.

I was given this picture by a dear friend for Christmas this year. When Emily asked me to write about art and love I immediately thought of this as it speaks of love on various levels to me.

In the giving. It was given as a thoughtful gift to show love between friends. Carefully selected with me in mind. I can tell she thought about me, my taste and interests in selecting this picture. I was touched when I opened the gift and felt the love with which it was sent.

When was the last time you received a thoughtful gift? When was the last time you gave a thoughtful gift?

In it’s creation. As I look at the image I get a sense it was created with love – the care of the detail on the flowers and the person’s hair. That precision is an act of love. Taking the time to think about the colours, the shapes and the composition. Art is an act of love, creating something beautiful in an often ugly world is a subversive act of hope.

Think of a time when you have spent time creating something beautiful.

Within the image itself. I see this as an image of love and hope. It speaks to me of humanity’s relationship with creation, the embrace between humanity and the natural world. The eyes closed tenderly, focused on the love between these two beings. I think it is an idealised image as our relationship with creation is often a broken relationship but this is an image of wholeness, connection and care. Our broken relationship with nature causes me great heartache but this image is a tonic to that.

What is breaking your heart in the world at the moment? What subversively hopeful images could you create in response?

If you have time why not take time to create that image.

1 thought on “Art as an Act of Love”

  1. creating something beautiful in an often ugly world is a subversive act of hope.

    This image and words have given me comfort and happiness. Thank you x x

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