A sensory meditation for weariness

Many of us find it easier to process our thoughts if our hands are occupied; if we have something physical to ground us and focus us in the moment we're in, keeping us on task. Our theme at Leeds Sanctuary this month is "Weariness", but naming what we're struggling with internally can be very difficult;… Continue reading A sensory meditation for weariness


Gender and Climate – Leeds Craftivists

This month the Leeds Craftivists met to discuss the intersection between gender inequality and climate injustice. It was a fascinating conversation for a group of majority women. Lizzie shared some reflections on how climate change impacts women and other gender identities around the world more than men. Sometimes in ways that you would not expect,… Continue reading Gender and Climate – Leeds Craftivists


Journaling – Love

This month’s journaling prompt was inspired by the idea that when we love and care for each other – be that with our time, words, physical touch, gifts or support – we create something beautiful which can be seen from the outside. We are aiming to create a flower, and how in-depth you do this… Continue reading Journaling – Love