The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Flourishing – Quiet Quitting

Thanks for choosing the Leeds Sanctuary podcast! This is our "Flourishing" stream, and in this episode, Sam, Anna and Emily discuss "Quiet Quitting", a topic which is being debated by both older and younger generations alike. In life and faith, we value and appreciate different perspectives, and encourage you to consider what your perspective… Continue reading The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Flourishing – Quiet Quitting



This Leeds Sanctuary meditation was recorded to give you the opportunity to reflect on Spring; how does the transition of spring affect you? If you enjoy this recording, why not join us on a Monday lunchtime for our Monday Mindfulness sessions? You'll also find more of our Meditation recordings here. If you like what… Continue reading Spring


What is Gentle Activism?

Emma Temple from our Craftivists group tells us about Gentle Activism and it's value as she sees it... Have you been feeling burned out by the news recently? It seems like every time we tune in, or scroll through social media, we’re being bombarded with horrific images and stories. Whether it’s global conflict, poverty, oppression… Continue reading What is Gentle Activism?


We’re talking rubbish!

In our new campaign for Spring 2024, we’re talking rubbish! We want to see food waste collection offered to everyone in Leeds. That would help every household do their bit to reduce emissions and create a more sustainable food system. This week a new fund was announced by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural… Continue reading We’re talking rubbish!

Leeds Sanctuary, Sanctuary

The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Sanctuary – Inclusive Language

In this week's episode, Emily talks to our Universities Chaplain, Revd Tim Nicholls, and Fiona Fidgin from the Communications Team of the Methodist Church about Inclusive Language. They ask, how can the language we use in reference to God help or hinder our understanding of God? This podcast will become available from Thursday 04… Continue reading The Leeds Sanctuary Podcast: Sanctuary – Inclusive Language


Sketch Walk: Pentecost and The Upper Room

Our second Sketch Walk of 2024, in collaboration with Leeds Church Institute and Sketch Club Social, will be on Pentecost and The Upper Room. Unlike previous Sketch Walks, we'll be meeting at lunchtime, gathering at Leeds Kirkgate Market at 12.30pm on Tuesday 14 May. As always though, the Walk will be a great opportunity to… Continue reading Sketch Walk: Pentecost and The Upper Room


Finding your tribe

How can we make friends as adults? Sam shares some top tips... In his book, "Friends: understanding the power of our most important relationships", Robin Dunbar shares seven traits that we look for when we make friends: The same language (or dialect) Growing up in the same location Having the same educational or career experience… Continue reading Finding your tribe


Healthy Sleep

In this blog, Sam consolidates some useful tips for healthy sleep. For more in-depth information, visit ... It’s well-established that sleep is essential to our physical and mental health. But despite its importance, many people find hemselves regularly deprived of qualitysleep, and are notably sleepy during the day. Healthy sleeping habits are known as… Continue reading Healthy Sleep