Meditation, Reflection


What does it mean to find flow in your life?

Ask yourself this question with our guided meditation this month. Our guided meditations are inspired by mindfulness and ancient Christian contemplative practices. We hope to help you notice the present moment and encourage you to reflect on how you are.

This month we look at flow: the flow of the breath, the flow of water and what it feels like to flow in our lives. We so often resist things or are afraid to allow ourselves to flow but we want to celebrate how it feels to be flowing.

Where to listen?

Please do listen on this page but you may want to download it onto your favourite podcast app on your phone so you can listen wherever and whenever you want.

If you use the Apple Podcast app you can find us here.

If you use Spotify you can find us here.

For any of these or whichever podcast app just search ‘LMM’ and you should find us.

Image by Christoffer Engstrom from Unsplash

Music is:

White by Kevin MacLeod on a creative commons license:

Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod on a creative commons license:…-piano-music

Here is the creative commons license:

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