Letting go: mindfulness pillar 7

Each month we explore a different attitude of mindfulness with Tim of Blackbird Mindfulness. This month he teaches us and takes us through a practice of 'Letting go'. He encourages us to let go of memories, judgements, thoughts and emotions during a mindfulness practice. To recognise them and then let those things go. Here… Continue reading Letting go: mindfulness pillar 7



A recorded reflection about time: how we use it and why we worry about it. There is a stilling exercise, a time of silence and a spoken reflection on the theme of time. This is inspired by mindfulness and Christian contemplative practices. Please do listen on this page but you may want to download… Continue reading Time

Meditation, Reflection

Silence and personal spirituality

Why is silence important to you in your spirituality and faith? We asked a few friends to share their experiences of silence and why they love making time fo silence regularly, how it helps them to connect to themselves or their understanding of God. This is the third is a series of videos about silence,… Continue reading Silence and personal spirituality